M E E T   T H E   J U D G E S


[noun] AN-jeh-luh

Small, short catlike person. Very easy to tease, but there's no reason to tease an Angela because they're very sweet. You can trust an Angela. Often, Angelas need a hug. Give your Angela a hug today.

Aww, isn't Angela a cute little chibi-poo! x3

Source: Urban Dictionary



[noun] brr-GEE-ta

A beautiful woman, who can do anything she sets her mind to. 
Someone, who will listen to you without judgement. A woman you can laugh with.

"Do you know that woman over there?" 
"Yeah, she's a true Birgitta!"

Source: Urban Dictionary


[noun] EH-luh

E. Eyes like darkest gemstones, with
L. Luscious curly hair. A
L. Laugh as sweet as birdsong, and an
A. Amazing sense of humor. 

Oh Ella.

A fairly accurate description of Ella I feel.

Source: Urban Dictionary



[noun] J-oy
Joy is an incredible woman of character, strength and beauty! She's compassionate and loving, always giving of herself to others. Genuine, honest, and fiercely loyal! 
Joy is awesome! Everyone who knows her LOVES her!

Thanks for taking interest in me and being so faithful in helping me! 
Oh, thats so Joy!

Source: Urban Dictionary


[noun] YAY-gur

Noun. One who excels in the art of loveable buffonery--especially one who raps bad love songs and laughs like a schoolgirl.

That cross eyed little boy over there sure is one hell of a Yeager.

Source: Urban Dictionary



[noun] Z

A girl prettier than anyone she knows. Every guy flocks to her, but she acts like no one likes her, when really every guy who has met her falls in love. Zi is like a diamond, the sun, and sunflowers. She's everything pretty and sweet smelling. Doesn't take well to jokes.

"whoa she was so sweet. what's her name?"
"i think her name was zi."
"yeah zi fits her."

Source: Urban Dictionary