first place

The first place team will be awarded $1,000 in cash. Your team can choose to split the money as you wish. In the past, teams have gone out to dinner, bought team apparel, donated some to charity, and split any leftovers. You can also just choose to split the whole thing.

Second place

The second place team will be awarded $200 in cash.

third place

The third place team will be awarded $100 in cash.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The following prizes will be adjusted this year as we are making some changes to the role played by the president's challenge and commons clues. More specifically, these clues will be regular clues in The Hunt with point values, but they will also each have a cash prize for the best submission.


presidential challenge

The winning team of this challenge will be awarded $100 in cash.

CommonS Clues

The winning team of each of the five Common's clues will be awarded $50 in cash.

Other prizes

Smaller, random, and fun prizes! 

biggest prize

Fun and friendship


All prizes will be transferred to a representative for the winning team. We recommend you use your winnings towards the local Middlebury community. Go out to dinner in town and celebrate!