2016 CLUES


commons clues:


Shake up winter fashion for the Middlebury community. Design and create the best winter gear that incorporates Atwater's mascot the frog. 


We all know that the Presidential Election is this year, but I bet you didn’t know that Brainerd’s mascot, Ezra the Owl, was also running. Make a campaign ad for him. 


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Cook’s Flying Pig! Have him fly across campus for all to see.


Flash mob in the extinct Ross Pit.


Make a pin-up calendar of the sexiest squirrels found on campus. Bonus points if you get Miss March to go on a date with Adam. 

The winner of each Commons Clue will receive $100. 


President's challenge:

Find a new functional use for one of the scientific instruments used at Middlebury in the 1800's and go on to demonstrate this contemporary utility. 

The winner of the President's Challenge will receive $100. 


Click here for a Google SpreadSheet of the clues. 


  1. Bring us a screenshot of your best autocorrect. [1 point; Bonus points if you make us cjirtle]

  2. Make us a mesmorizing GIF. [2 points]

  3. Instagram the Hunt! Use #Hunt2016 and #[yourteamname]! (You do not need to create an account for your team.) [.05 points per Insta, MAX 10 points; bonus 10 points if Justin Bieber likes a post]

  4. Be Yoncé. [5 points]

  5. Chateau Grand Salon. 4 PM. Saturday. Send your best wrapper. [5 points]

  6. Photobomb a stranger's Snapchat and get them to snap it to you. [Style points]

  7. Crump to Mozart's "Serenade in G Major." [4 points]

  8. So, You Think You Can Prance? [4 points]

  9. Get a child to tell you a story. Make a video of that story. [5 points]

  10. Tell us how to make a Proctor wrap in your best rap. [3 points]

  11. Make a flag that captures the glory and honor of your team. It's also worth points. You must protect it at all costs. Capturing another team's flag and delivering it to the Hunt Masters on Judgement Day will reward your team with even more glory and honor. Flags must be ready by Thursday night. 

    Rules: 1) Flag must be at least 3 ft by 3 ft; 2) You may not lock your flag up; 3) Your flag must remain in plain sight at all times; 4) Your flag must be present at all Hunt events like Clue #5 for example; 5) No loopholes or being jerks; 6) No one gets hurt; 7) Possession of flag is locked-in when you walk into the judging room [2 points per flag]

  12. Give a tour of your dorm in the style of MTV's Cribs. [2 points]

  13. Who says you can’t be culinarily creative in Ross? Using only ingredients from Ross Dining Hall, make a small dish and have it ready to serve to the Hunt Masters and Judges by 6pm on Friday. (Late entries not accepted!) [5 points]

  14. Create an infographic for the care and maintenance of campus printers. [3 points; bonus points for collaborating with Help Desk]

  15. Using photos from Special Collections and/or Kaleidoscope, recreate photos of students that better reflect today's Middlebury student body from each of the following time periods: 1851 to 1900, 1901 to 1950, 1951 to 2000, and 2001 to 2016. Please include a copy of the original photo along with your own submission. [2 points each for a total of 8 points]

  16. Lip dub of "Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE. [6 points]

  17. It's Middlebury's Fashion Week and Laurie's dogs, Padma and Suka, will be walking the runway. Choose one to be your muse and make her a sweater fit for that cat- (dog-) walk. [4 points; 7 points if Laurie picks yours]

  18. You’ve discovered a secret room at Middlebury. Tell us what’s inside. [2 points]

  19. You receive a message from a bottle from the year 1845. What does it say? [3 points]

  20. Write an Amazon review for Haribo sugar free gummy bears. [1 points]

  21. Be a first follower - start a movement. Anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p9GZfhvrys [5 points]

  22. The Hunt Masters are being hunted. Everyday a Hunt Master will be captured and taken to a random building on campus. It is your job to save them. Captains will be texted with an S.O.S. when one of them has been taken. The text will specify which Master has been taken and the type of building they've been taken to (i.e. dormitory, dining hall, etc.). The first team to find the kidnapped Hunt Master will receive a hefty reward. ***Only teams that have registered will be texted, so make sure you've registered! [10 points for each rescue, MAX 10 points per team]

  23. Midd ComicCon 2016 is coming up and we want to see your best cosplay on. Come visit our ComicCon booth at the Grille on Thursday night at 10pm. [6 points; bonus points if かわいい or こわい]

  24. Make fetch happen. [3 points]

  25. Cheryl Dorsey is an incredible social entrepreneur that will be speaking about a life of meaning, purpose, and social change on Thursday, January 28th at 7:30pm in McCullough Wilson Hall as part of the Annual CSE Symposium. Attend Cheryl's talk and Instagram the event with good quotes. [1 point per team member present, 1 point per quality Instagram post about the event, MAX 6 points total for photos]

  26. Take an awkward family photo with your FYCs and CRA (from your first year here). Include at least 4 Res Life members and CRA. [1 point per res life, 6 points MAX; bonus points if you get Mike Bender to repost your photo (he went to Midd OMG!)]

  27. Meet in Crossroads @ 8PM Friday for a Lip Sync Battle. Come with a song prepared and give us the performance of your lifetime. Judging will be based on style, costume, theatricality, and audience applause. [8 points for winner, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 3 points, 2 points for participation]

  28. Movie mashup! Recut clips of Inside Out into a trailer for Jurassic World. [7 points]

  29. Learn the secret handshake from The Parent Trap. [5 points per team member who learns it; bonus point if your team captain does it with another team captain]

  30. Create an original 30 second animated advertisement for Hi Chew candies. [4 points; bonus points if you use Blender]

  31. Take one for the team. [6 points]

  32. The Hunt doesn’t have a trophy yet. Make us a glorious trophy for the winner of the Hunt. [5 points]

  33. Apprenez comment compter de 1 jusqu'à 10 en Medumba. [2 points, bonus si vous prenez une photo avec votre enseignante]

  34. Winter is chilly. Help us warm up by creating a recipe for the perfect blend of Earl Grey tea, any dairy/non-dairy product, honey/sugar, etc. Deliver it to Winson and Janessa on Judgment Day. [2 points]

  35. Create a 1980s workout video featuring 1880s attire. [4 points]

  36. Legend has it that if you make 千羽鶴, you get to make one wish. Fold 千羽鶴 and make a wish. [.01 points each, 15 points for 千羽鶴; massive negative points for non-recycled paper]

  37. How long can two of your teammates be linked together over the course of 12 hours, between 10am Friday to 10pm Friday? Provide hourly updates about this experience to the Hunt Masters. [.25 points per hour; bonus points for most creative way of staying connected]

  38. "Like a Prayer" comes on at the worst possible time. [3 points]

  39. The Hunt loves question marks! How many photos can you get of question marks at landmarks around the world? Pictures must be taken between 9am January 28th and 9am January 31st. Make sure the date is on each photo. [.5 points per landmark, MAX 15 landmarks]

  40. HADOKEN!!!! [1 point]

  41. Janessa is planning to visit Winson in Seattle after he graduates. Plan the best road trip from the 305 to the 206 with at least 10 stops along the way. [3 points]

  42. Bust a Myth. [2 points]

  43. Our world faces some pretty serious problems at large and small scales. Conduct an interview with someone who's doing something to solve these problems. [4 points, bonus points if you interview a social entrepreneur]

  44. In honor of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, create a synchronized swimming routine and perform it. Must include at least 4 members. [10 points, bonus points if you can pronounce the Olympic host city's name correctly]

  45. Make a hella tight mash up of two top songs from 2006. [5 points; bonus points if it gets us to dance]

  46. Humility is a virtue. Tell us why another Hunt team should win the Hunt. [3 points]

  47. Who exactly are from the 48 represented states at Middlebury? Take a picture of delegates from each of these states. We want IDs that specify the state (i.e. license, passport).  [.1 points per state represented]

  48. Create an inspired version of the map of Middlebury College using GIS and other digital tools. [2 points]

  49. DIY Clue! Create your own clue and document your completion of it. [5 points for best clue and response]

  50. Use the principles of physics to explain why Stephen Curry is so good at 3 point shots. [3 points]

  51. The Hunt presents: An actual scavenger hunt! We give you clues and you figure out the answer. Immediately text Janessa at (305) 951-1238 with photo evidence when you figure it out. She'll give you your next scavenger hunt clue.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your first clue is: Curt C. and Else Silberman’s gift to Midd is quite beautiful. Some say if you listen closely you can even hear Mr. Tumnus playing his flute. Take a picture with their gift.  [1 point per clue you figure out, -50 points if you spam Janessa]
  52. We may never get an underground tunnel system at Middlebury, but can you make the longest human tunnel to help people get from one building to another? (Don't actually dig a tunnel.) [6 points for longest; 3 points for all others; bonus points if you get a professor involved]

  53. Time to get cozy! Sew us your best pillow. [4 points]

  54. Winson LOVES surprises. Find the best way to surprise him. [4 points; bonus points if he cries]

  55. Support Community Supper by baking, cooling, and packaging cookies (nut-free) in large zip-lock freezer bags. Write your team name and number of cookies on each bag. Deliver your cookies to Ashley Laux, Associate Director of Community Enagegement, between 9am Thursday and 5pm Friday at 118 South Main Street. [.1 per cookie, MAX 10 points, bonus points if you demonstrate how awesome Ashley Laux and Community Engagement are]

  56. Write the first 250 words of the last chapter of the prequel to The Hunger Games called The Dark Days. [4 points]

  57. Ever see all that cardboard outside the mailroom? Find a way to repurpose that cardboard into something productive. [5 points]

  58. Slow motion for me, baby. [2 points]

  59. This is the 6th annual Hunt since its reboot in 2011. Create an homage to past Hunt Masters. [3 points]

  60. You've made it onto Midd's elite cheerleading squad. Show us your S-P-I-R-I-T at one of our home games. 1-2-3 MIDD! [3 points, 5 points if Midd wins, bonus point if you take a picture with the Midd team]

  61. Recreate a cringe worthy scene from your first year at Middlebury. Bonus points if it's so cringe worthy Janessa runs out of the room. [3 points]

  62. Private eyes. They’re watching you. They see your every move. [2 points]

  63. Welcome to the 78th Hunger Games! The Game Makers (i.e. us) need you to reap a female and male tribute from your team and send them to the Training Center (Coffrin Apartment) on Saturday at 9pm. [You'll find out there]

  64. It FINALLY happened!! Leonardo Dicaprio just won his first Oscar. Write his acceptance speech. [3 points; retroactive bonus points for all if he actually wins!]

  65. The Hunt: The Musical. [4 points]

  66. Create Kim Kardashian's LinkedIn profile. [2 points; bonus points if you get this profile to connect with Bill Gates]

  67. Documentary of A Nude Model. [3 points]

  68. You are a beautiful dancer. Like a deer. Or a chipmunk in the forest. [4 points]

  69. Proctor Cat, Proctor Cat, what are they feeding you? Show us where Proctor Cat goes. [2 points]

  70. Create choreography to "Lose Control" by Missy Elliot (feat. Ciara and Fatman Scoop) and perform it in a dining hall of your choice. [7 points, 1 bonus point for each member of RIDDIM or Evolution in your dance (MAX 5), bonus points if Missy Elliot, Ciara, and/or Fatman Scoop participate]

  71. AMC decides to create a spin-off of The Walking Dead called The Walking Debt. Shoot us the pilot episode. [3 points; bonus points if we decide to pick up your spin-off for a full season]

  72. Participate in MCAB Trivia Thursday night. Use your Hunt team name and document with pics. [0.1 points for every point you get in Trivia, bonus points if you win the whole thing]

  73. Having a summer birthday usually means spending your birthday without your Midd friends ): Let's change that! Collaborate with other Hunt teams to throw a birthday party for everyone on campus born in the summer. Invite by summer birthday only. [4 points; bonus point if you tell us the Hunt Master's birthdays]

  74. Sew an undergarment out of teabags. Flaunt it. [5 points]

  75. 1 in 4 people get featured on TV. Be apart of that 1! [10 points]

  76. Convincingly document the existence of an Escherian stairwell somewhere on campus. [3 points]

  77. Conduct a video call with the most famous person possible (as measured by Twitter followers, must also have a legit Wikipedia page). [1 point per 10,000 followers, MAX 15 points, bonus for Amy Poehler]

  78. The Little Engine That Couldn’t Even. [3 points]

  79. My Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse (Hunt 2011 Throwback Clue - Thanks, Ben and Taryn!). [4 points]

  80. Pants containing an actual party. PG. [3 points]

  81. Janessa and Winson are considering getting a tattoo. Design one for them. [2 points, 4 points if one of them actually contemplates getting it.]

  82. Route 66 has a song. Make one for Route 7. [4 points]

  83. Censor Dragon Tales. [2 points]

  84. Ask out your crush in public. Singing, streamers, and creativity heavily rewarded. [5 points]

  85. The Hunt Masters are narcissistic and would like drawn caricatures of themselves to hang in their rooms for eternal self-admiration. [5 points]

  86. Play your best rendition of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" using children's classroom instruments. [5 points]

  87. On Friday, all Hunters must dress up as minions in honor of your evil villain and villainess Hunt Masters, Winson and Janessa. (We want time stamped pics every hour - Snapchat is a good way to do this. Pictures must include at least 3 team members.) [.5 points per hour, MAX 6 points]

  88. Do something nice for the under-appreciated staff teams on campus (i.e. custodial teams, recycling center team, pub safe, etc.). [1 point per team you show your thanks to, MAX 6 points]

  89. It’s raining tacos from out of the sky. Tacos. No need to ask why. [3 points]

  90. Rewrite and perform the Freedom Girls' song for any presidential candidate of your choosing. Except Donald Trump, because that's cheating. [5 points]

  91. It's happening. The Zombie Apocalypse. Write us a detailed survival plan for your team. Where will you hide? How will you get food? [2 points]

  92. Forget about the new Ridgeline dorms, there's a yurt on campus! Think you can get invited in? [2 points]

  93. Take a trip to where Phineas Gage had his famous accident. [4 points]

  94. Over the course of Middlebury's history, buildings and parts of buildings have come and gone. Use Special Collections to identify a place that no longer exists on campus and show us what happened there. [5 points]

  95. Get together with another team and play Innuendo Bingo. Make sure you're far away from any electronics. You should also probably have a bucket, but it's funnier if you use each other as buckets. [5 points]

  96. Ever wondered where the Adirondack chairs are taken? We have, so find out for us! We want photo evidence of their new home. Breaking into buildings is strictly NOT allowed. [3 points]

  97. A 12 point plan to boost Middlebury's ranking to 1. [3 points]

  98. Reba McIntyre, Ne-Yo, and Jeremy Lin walk into a bar... [3 points]

  99. Publish an Op-Ed in the New York Times. [15 points]

  100. Assemble a Mouse Rat cover band to play a rousing rendition of "The Pit" from Middlebury's own Pit in Stewart Hall. [7 points]

  101. Mash up President Obama's State of the Union addresses into a new, moving speech. [10 points]

  102. Your own rendition of Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. [5 points]

  103. Create a 4-minute maximum podcast in the style of NPR's Planet Money that explains something about the world. [4 points; bonus points for collaborating with a professor]

  104. Write a review for the best bathroom on campus. [3 points]

  105. You have a Mason jar, a yard of blue ribbon, and some mud. Create a game fit for a kindergartener. (Thanks, MiddCORE for this clue!) [4 points]

  106. Wait for Godot. [0 points]

  107. Claim Snake Mountain for your Hunt team. Instagram evidence of your claim and tag the Hunt Masters (@midd_hunt_masters). [5 points for first claim; 3 points for most creative claim; 2 points because you made it to the summit]

  108. Give us your best Pinterest DIY decoration ideas for Winson's future apartment. [3 points]

  109. Get someone to play any Lady Gaga song on the carillon in Mead Chapel. [6 points; bonus points if we hear it in our Snap Story]

  110. Film a non-heteronormative ending to a classic romantic comedy. [3 points]

  111. Not teeth-checking your teammates. [-4 points]

  112. Submit something signed by Seahawks kicker and Middlebury alumnus Steven Hauschka. [4 points for any real signed submission or 12 points if dedicated to "Hunt Masters"; -10 points if your team submits anything fake]

  113. Choose one clue and complete it on a college campus in a different state. [4 points; .5 bonus points for every non-Middlebury student in your submission. MAX 5 points]

  114. Spread the love. Serenade a CRA. [3 points]

  115. Jalan atthirari anni. Shekh ma shieraki anni. [2 points]

  116. Push it. Push it real good. How many 4-way pushups can you do? [2 points; 5 points for team that has the most push-ups]

  117. It comes in threes: Bowie, Rickman, and now Jeffrey. Write us a most moving eulogy for our dearly departed aquatic friend. Bring the feels. [3 points]

  118. Você já viu ou ouviu um berimbau? Encontrar alguém que pode ensinar-lhe como jogá-lo. [3 pontos; pontos de bônus se você tem alguém do clube de Capoeira ensinar-lhe.]

  119. Swipe right. You've got a match! Woo them using only Jaden Smith tweets. [2 points]

Make sure the last page of your powerpoint lists the names and class years of all your collaborators!