Below are the official Clues for The Hunt 2019.

Make sure you’ve read The Rules thoroughly before you begin your journey!

Captains: Friend “Hunt Masters” on Facebook to join the captains’ group chat!

For more information about scoring, refer to this spreadsheet:

Good luck. 😸

The Clues:

  1. Make an Instagram account for your team and document your journey over the next 72 hours—share  photos, videos, and memes that capture your team’s adventure with the hashtag #hunt2019. Make sure to follow us @HuntMaster2019. Additionally, certain time-sensitive clues will require you to post from this account, so be on your toes! (5 points)

  2. Team Crest. Team Motto. Team Flag.  (2 points each = 6 points total. Additional team spirit—handshake, dance, song, intro vid, etc.—is an optional bonus)

  3. The ultimate hype video of your team playing an unconventional sport (3 points)

  4. The Proctor vs. Ross debate will finally be settled… (4 points)

  5. Run for political office. (5 points for a valiant effort; 10 points if you’re actually elected. No points if you don’t advertise your campaign all around campus)

  6. Invent something completely unique that’s also moderately useful. Pitch it to us in the style of an infomercial. (5 points)

  7. Create your own original board game—complete with pieces, rules and instructions. Bonus points if you can get another team to play it with you. (9 points)

  8. Choose a stock ticker from the NASDAQ or NYSE and send it to us in a Facebook message by 4 p.m. on Thursday. Your stock’s performance over the following 24 hours will equal your total points earned for this clue. (max 8 points. No negative points, but all stocks that lose value will earn a 0)

  9. Mashup of two songs from Ben’s Bar Mitzvah Playlist (3 points)

  10. Impress us with a 10 second talent.  (out of 5 points; negative points if > 10 seconds)

  11. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    What will MiddCORE
    Fund for you?    (4 points)

  12. Plan the “BEST” J-Term Class (3 points)

  13. Concoct a new Creemee flavor (4 points)

  14. Collaborate with a professor to drop the hottest music video of the year—about their research topic. (12 points)

  15. Photoshop Contest! Image in hyperlink. [To be judged by Joseph himself] (5 points)

  16. Special Collections & Archives is located in the lower level of the Library (look for the poet Robert Frost’s writing chair behind the glass window and ring their doorbell). Bring something to the Archives that you think might have historical value in telling Middlebury’s story in the future. Points will be awarded (out of five) by Special Collections Staff. [btw, the Archives closes at 5 pm on weekdays and is closed on the weekend!]   (5 points)

  17. Take a risk. [Stay safe tho] (2 points)

  18. Thursday. 8 p.m. Ridgeline Suite 2N. Send one representative from your team to participate in a special challenge. (5 points)

  19. “Champ, the Lake Monster” — Prove or disprove (3 points)

  20. Install an original public art piece somewhere on campus and document its reception (5 points)

  21. Slow mo martial arts fight scene!  (4 points)

  22. Beat all the CRDs in a staring contest (1 point per CRD)

  23. How low can you go? (2 points)

  24. Recreate “I’m Blue (da ba dee da ba die)” but with a different color (4 points)

  25. Pay homage to Stephen Hillenburg (R.I.P.) by singing Sweet Victory at a Midd athletic event. The more people you can get to participate, the more points. (~7 points)

  26. Set a new Guinness World Record (15 points)

  27. Plot Twist?! (3 points)

  28. Present us with a 5-step plan to save the bees (5 points for a thoughtful proposal; 50 points for successful execution)

  29. Trick shot! (4 points)

  30. BYOB - Build Your Own Boat!!! When it’s complete, test the waters by sailing it from Bihall to Wright. Evaluation criteria are: structural soundness, ease of journey, aesthetic, and creativity.  (Out of 10 points)

  31. Rebrand the Knoll (2 points)

  32. Rap battle in Painter basement (3 points)

  33. Tell a powerful story with flip-book animation (5 points)

  34. Strike a pose next to the dog outside Voter. He looks lonely :(   (2 points)

  35. Create your own original stuffed animal! (5 points)

  36. Your best musical rendition of Britney Spears “Toxic” in the bathroom of your choice. The more the merrier, i.e. fit in as many people as you can! Be creative—conventional instruments are strongly discouraged.  (5 points)

  37. Bad Lip Reading of Birdbox (5 points)

  38. Film the sequel to the Ross soap opera. Extra points if you make Erich blush. (3 points)

  39. Photobomb another team mid-clue. Proof necessary. (1 point)

  40. Library Scavenger Hunt! The Hunt Masters have hidden special slips worth varying points inside library items. At some point within the next 72 hours, we will message teams a list of call numbers where these slips can be found. Track down the items listed under these call numbers, and turn in the slips on Sunday to cash in on points [Leave the items on the shelf!] (Max 10 slips OR 12 points per team)

  41. Pocket Press. Wallet Toss. Rube Goldberg…? Demonstrate inventive ways of unlocking a door on campus with your ID card (1 point per method, with potential bonuses for extra creativity)

  42. Publish “A hitchhiker’s guide to Atwater” somewhere on the internet (4 points)

  43. Show off your culinary creativity in the annual Hunt Cooking Classic! Using only items available in Ross Dining Hall, create a delightful meal for the judges on Friday evening. All items must be completed and ready to serve by 6:30 p.m.   (5 points)

  44. Do something genuinely considerate for Middlebury staff. (4 points)

  45. Make a Wikipedia page for something that doesn’t have a page yet. (2 points)

  46. AQUA. H2O. HYDRO. (2 points)

  47. Pull a prank on another NESCAC school. (5 points)

  48. Febilicious. (4 points)

  49. Make a commercial advertising Middlebury, VT (8.5 points)

  50. It’s the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing? (4 points)

  51. Eat. Sleep. ____. Repeat. (2 points)

  52. Fastest any% glitchless speedrun of Trap Adventure 2. Document some of your failed attempts for bonus points.  (5 points)

  53. Madeleine is in love with compilations of old AI walks. Recreate. Do them justice.    (2 points)

  54. The Golden State Warrior Cats (2 points)

  55. “Bannerweb Strikes Back…” (4 points)

  56. The easter bunny has struck! During winter …? Each day at undisclosed times, team captains will receive pictures of easter eggs scattered across Middlebury. Find the eggs! Happy Hunting :D  (1 point per egg)

  57. Make something impressive out of snow (3 points)

  58. Take a selfie with Bernie! (10 points)

  59. Each team member must cosplay as their favorite superhero (or supervillain?) continuously from sunrise to sundown on Friday. We want time-stamped evidence every hour, on the hour, from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. [Instagram posts are a good way of doing this!] (.1 point per member per hour, max 13 points)

  60. A year in review: share a ‘Top 10’ of 2018 [e.g. top ten songs, top ten moments, top ten anime betrayals]   (3 points)

  61. Dodge the hangover and duck your way down to Pepin Gymnasium on Saturday at 4 p.m. for a 5-v-5 Dodgeball tournament. (5 points to the winning team; 3 points for participation; extra points for creative documentation of the event)

  62. Perform a cover of Vitas 7th Element as a country song (4 points)

  63. Sarah is currently studying in a coffee shop in town, but she forgot her pen! Be the first team to bring her a spare. This clue is active effective immediately. She's keeping her bright red coat on just for you. [The streets are slippery, so be careful] (4 points to the first team to bring her a pen; 2 points to all other teams who find her before she finishes her coffee)

  64. Don’t let your memes be dreams! (2 points)

  65. Macaroni Art Michelangelo (7 points)

  66. It wouldn’t be The Hunt without this clue...Ask out your crush in the most public and creative way possible! (5 points)

  67. Midd’s Next Trash Model — Using only materials available at the recycling center, create a stunning outfit for one of your team members. Take your best photoshoot and send it to us by 8 p.m. Friday. Then—bring your outfit (and your fabulous selves) to Dana at 9 p.m. on Friday for a fashion show. (Short talent show portion included) One participant per team. See you on the runway. (5 points for participation. Bonus points for style, performance...)

  68. Bring back the Harlem Shake (4 points)

  69. Nice.

  70. Build an Escape Room somewhere on campus. Invite the Hunt Masters and judges to try it out! (8 points)

  71. Fortnite Dance-Off (3 points)

  72. The Hunt is a renowned local tradition at Middlebury, but we want SERIOUS recognition! Get someone famous to use the hashtag #hunt2019 on any form of social media, mention the Hunt on live TV, or otherwise promote the Hunt in an extremely public manner. The more famous the person, the more points you’ll receive! (max 25 points)

  73. Rewrite and perform the intro of Avatar: the Last Airbender in a fictional/constructed language. (4 points)

  74. Faculty/Staff Dogs: the documentary (4 points)

  75. Did you know? Ben absolutely LOVES Bread Loaf! Incorporate Bread Loaf-related content into your submissions for brownie points [also real points]. BIG bonus for physical evidence of his childhood adventures there. (? points)

  76. There’s a new sheriff in town (2 points)

  77. Highest score on (5 points)

  78. Make a warm drink to warm our <3  [BE CREATIVE] (3 points)

  79. Midd-Life Crisis. (5 points)

  80. Build a roller coaster (5 points)

  81. The night is dark and full of terrors, and Winter is finally here. Tell us how Game of Thrones will end. (4 points)

  82. Resurrect the Proctor Bowl tradition with dining hall to-go boxes.  (.5 points per photo, max 8 points)

  83. What a tangled web we weave… (1 point)

  84. The year is 2199. Humans have successfully terraformed Mars, and Earth is no longer. You are the commander of Fleet 9162. Tell us your story. (4 points)

  85. J-Term play term! Host a themed party with at least one other team. Best party wins. (6 points)

  86. Attend the Q+A Drag Show in Crossroads on Saturday Night. Take pictures with the drag queens [make sure you get their permission first] (3 points)

  87. Who says there’s nothing interesting to do in Vermont? Take a special road trip adventure on the ACTR and go somewhere completely unexpected. Remember: it’s about the journey, not the destination! Surprise us. Surprise yourselves. (7 points)

  88. Brainstorming all these clues is honestly exhausting...Hit us with your top 5 napping spots on campus. (1 point per reasonable suggestion)

  89. Unnecessary censorship of a Disney animated movie (3 points)

  90. Nothing but net. (2 points)

  91. Complete the KenKen puzzle in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. (5 points)

  92. Naruto Run somewhere/anywhere/everywhere (2 points)

  93. Maybe the real Hunt was the friends we made along the way… (1 point)

  94. Postmodern Performance Art in public (4 points)

  95. Have a conversation with someone in a dead language  (3 points)

  96. How many digits of Pi can you memorize in three days? Present your progress on Sunday in Ridgeline when you turn in your submissions. (.01 points per digit)

  97. Translate a Shakespeare passage into emojis (3 points)

  98. Decide.

    Yeeted / Yate / Yote (3 points)

  99. They weren’t quite good enough to make the cut, but not all is lost...pick one idea from our Clue Graveyard and complete at your own discretion. Points will vary dramatically based on task, as well as effort and creativity (? points)

  100. 100 must-do things at Middlebury: a definitive list (5 points)

  101. What did Zoey say? pt. 2  [The correct answer is very specific] (10.1 points)

  102. Film an SNL-style skit of MiddView Orientation (7 points)

  103. This is the End Game. DIY Clue. (? points)

Commons Clues:

Atwater: According to Atwater Commons, “Frogs usually hop around from one place to another due to their ability to thrive in various locations.”  Capture this true Atwater spirit in diorama form, with a Frog exploring an interesting and original setting. (10 points)

Brainerd: Showcase your artistic skills. Sculpt a Brainerd owl.  (10 points)

Cook: It’s a bird...? It’s a plane..? It’s…?  Wait, what is that? Write a species report on the emergent new animal, Sues Alati.  (10 points)

Ross: Ride the Rhino. (10 points)

Wonnacott: Make a 2 minute video of ‘A Day in the Life of a Middlebury Squirrel’ – try to capture the featured squirrel’s family and friends, social activities, exercise, and pursuit of food. Soundtrack should be squirrel appropriate. BONUS POINTS: Footage of squirrel activity in/around Battell. [No squirrels should be harmed in the making of this film] (10 points)

Presidential Clue:

What three animals did Padma and Suka bark at during their walk along the perimeters of the yard at 3 South St. on the night of October 3, 2018? (5 points)