Here are some tips, tricks, and advice. Check them out below!

  1. Make Google Drive documents that are shared among your team members. Use it to work on the PowerPoint submission together and update each other on clue progress.
  2. The clues are very diverse, so make sure your team also has a diverse set of skills.
  3. LEARN NEW SKILLS. It's pretty cool to come out of something this fun having learned something as useful as video editing etc. and there's nothing like a deadline to help you do it.
  4. Highlight, underline, and bold any clues with a specified time and date. Make sure that you don’t miss these because you can’t make them up!
  5. Always, ALWAYS turn the phone sideways. Negative points for videos in portrait view
  6. Borrow a camera from the library or from a friend. They’re better quality than a phone camera, and the videos are easier to transfer and edit.
  7. Make a GroupMe. That way you can send a text to all your members with any important or time sensitive information.
  8. There will be a clue that requires you to drop everything and run in search of something hidden in a few possible places. As soon as the list is out make sure every member of the team has a specific place that they will run to. This  way you don’t have to waste precious time deciding when it’s time to go.
  9. Don’t leave the PowerPoint for the last moment. Make sure you’re working on it over the course of the three days.
  10. Don’t think - just do!
  11. Captains: ALWAYS have your phone on you. There will be points throughout The Hunt where you will be texted with time sensitive information. If you don’t have your phone on you it may cost you some points.
  12. Be nice to the other teams - you never know when you might need their help.
  13. Try not to pull an all nighter the first night of the Hunt.
  14. Some clues may require driving. Find a friend or teammate who can provide a set of wheels to help you out and get you places safely.
  15. Set up a headquarters. A place your team can call home for 72 hours! 
  16. See two clues that work well together? Save time and combine them! Also feel free to integrate a clue as a kind of running joke throughout multiple others (with potential for bonus points).
  17. Bring it.